Chrome Storeから拡張機能更新しろよ案内が来た

2012年中に公開しているChrome拡張機能を更新しないといけない件についてにてManifest Versionを更新しないといけない件の記事を書いたがGoogleからメールでお知らせもきた。


The last few months, the Chrome Web Store team has been working on improving the Chrome extension system’s performance and security. As part of this effort, we are making a few changes that will impact the extensions and packaged apps you have posted there. We are sending this note to make you aware of these changes and to provide some guidance on how to address these.

Manifest_Version 1: Manifest Version 1 has been deprecated since Chrome 18, and when Chrome 21 hits stable in mid-August the Chrome Web Store will no longer accept new items with manifest_version 1. Converting to manifest_version 2 should be very simple for the majority of developers, and we encourage all developers to update their extensions and packaged apps as soon as possible. Review our deprecation schedule to determine when to update your items in the store.

Ads Monetization for Extensions: We are updating our ad policies to allow extensions to monetize through ads. Please ensure your extensions are in compliance by reviewing our extension ads policy guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the developer forum.

The Chrome Web Store Team.

既存の(Manifest Version 1の)拡張機能はChrome 18から deprecated 扱いにされている。今後の扱いのスケジュールに関しては前回の記事を書いた時から変わっていない模様。

手元ではManifest Version 2の対応を進めているので対応方法の記事も後日書こうと思うが単純にManifestを変えるだけでは上手く行かないことがあり、対応工数についてはContent Security Policy (CSP)周りの対応が鍵を握ることになる。